Lisa’s Year of Action

In my endeavours to learn more about personal finance, I’m subscribed to Ramit Sethi’s weekly emails. For those of you who may not know Ramit Sethi, he is a personal finance author who wrote the book “I Will Make You Rich’. Alongside his book, he also has a blog, and runs several self improvement courses throughout the year. Anyways, I’m subscribed and one of his emails from earlier this year really left a mark on me.

The subject of the email was new years ‘themes’ (and appropriately so, considering it was January). Ramit had asked his followers to submit ‘themes’ they had for the year, where each includes information such as what they’ve traditionally been like (i.e. what they wanted to change), what they plan to do this year to change it, what their fears and perceived barriers are, and what they think the ultimate benefit will be. There was one that really resonated with me  – and enough that I remember it to this day. Here it is below:

This resonated with me because of my natural tendency to read and read and read, hoping to improve myself and prepare myself for great opportunities. But I find that I’m so busy scavenging for more valuable information that it just stays in my head temporarily and then because I don’t actually apply the new skill or use the new knowledge, I lose it just as quickly as I attained it. So this year, I plan to join Courtney on her journey. When I come across a article, video or podcast, I won’t only listen, I’ll take action, plan things in my calendar, increment bigger goals into smaller ones, but nonetheless, put it into my calendar. I will make action happen. I will make improvement happen and I will make self growth happen.

I’ve already started implementing this strategy in a tangible way. In preparation for my medical school interviews, I need to read an extreme volume of articles to update myself on the current news. In the past, I simply focussed on reading, but this year, I’m adding one more step: a Google Doc.

With this Google doc, I force myself to organize my thoughts. I force myself to organize by topic, and to note down relevant articles and ideas. This relates back to Courtney’s goals because I am taking action after what I read/absorb. I’m not passive anymore the instant I take the initiative to write down the ideas that are taking up my mental space. I am an action taker and an active thinker.

Small changes like these can change your level of work efficiency. They can change your lives, and on this blog, I will continue to share my revelations and learnings, not only to share my successes and failures for you to relate to, but also to give you some ideas on what to try. We’re all different after all! Life is not one size fits all.

Cheers for now.