Dream It, Achieve It

Over a year ago I was working a full time 9-5 job, when I first started it was great, I was Visual Merchandiser for Sportchek which I worked so hard to get and went to school to work in the Fashion Industry, so to me it was the perfect job. After a year of being in the position, I started to not be as happy with my job, which was due to the fact that I was having to do different duties than my own which made me frustrated and not wanting to go to work anymore; even though I loved being a Visual Merchandiser. I knew at that point I needed a way out and to find a job or jobs that would allow me to be stress-free, happy and make my own schedule.  

That’s when I got offered a Merchandising position for a third party company in my local town, which meant I was still able to be a Merchandiser but also work on my own schedule, which is exactly what I needed to make my break.

I left my full time job at Sportchek and started being a Merchandiser for two, third party companies in my local town. I also am a Figure Skating coach and coach in the evening three times a week, which gives me freedom of not having to work a full time job.

With those three jobs, I took on a Part-time potion at a local boutique in my town where I get to be surrounded by all things fashion! Perfect, right? On top of all these Part-time jobs that add up to more than a full-time job, I still have most of my morning and afternoons at home where I can work on my own things and enjoy my life and be happy. I have recently started up my own styling business The Sunday Stylist. I created The Sunday Stylist to help women refresh and re-use their wardrobe while helping them create stylish and trendy outfits.  All my free time allows me to keep growing my business & creating wardrobes full of new possibilities for women.

Leaving my full-time job was one of the best decision I have made because now I’m happier, stress-free and work doesn’t feel like work because I love all my jobs but also have so much free time to myself, for self-care and love which is very important to me.

My advice to you, don’t be scared to believe in your dreams and capture them. Yes, it’s a long ride and will take time to all work out but trust me its worth it, because in the end you will love your career more and be a happier human being.