Aloha loves,

Hawaii, a place I have always wanted to travel to… and let me tell you it felt like a dream finally being able to go to the island. The smell of Hawaii, breathe it in and enjoy the tropical smell and feeling!

I thought I would put together a travel guide of places to see and things to do if you happen to be visiting Oahu, Hawaii. 

We planned a 2-week trip to the island so we would have time to relax on the beach every other day and just take it easy. The other part of the trip we went sightseeing and of course touristy stuff!

To start off your trip I recommend settling into your hotel and then walking down to Waikiki Beach to lay in the sun and just relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Every other day, we started our day off by going for a walk along Waikiki beach and then laid by the pool until noon. We would then head down to the beach and lay in the sun, of course on our bamboo mats, until the later part of the afternoon.

On the days we weren’t laying in the sun all day we went and seen the places that I have listed below for you, I hope you enjoy!

Here are a few places I suggest you check out when on the island:

International Market on Waikiki (outdoor/indoor mall)

Alomoana center (if you love to shop, 4 story mall)

Swap meet – Flea market at the Alomoana stadium

Rented a car and drive around the north shore to watch surf competitions

Try shaved ice – north shore has the best!

Surfjack _ cutest coffee shop with the best ice chai latte

Waikiki Beach – getting the rays

Tiki Bar Restaurant (you need to have a lemon drop Martini, you wont regret it)

Weather you are there for a few days or weeks in Oahu, remember to enjoy the smell, scenery and the island vibe. Trust me, once you return home from your trip you will forever be daydreaming of Hawaii.