Living with the Law Of Attraction

What you think about you attract!

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

When I first heard about the Law of Attraction it was an offhanded comment from my mom. She had overheard some interview on the radio and she had laughed off the idea. I too laughed it off. Imagine thinking something and then getting it? This wasn’t Harry Potter! Surely you couldn’t magic everything you wanted into exsiatnce right?


The first time I noticed this whole Law Of Attraction thing working was in 2017. On New Year’s Day I made a list of things I wanted to come true within the year. I kept that list in my day planner, tucked away in the back.

  • Get a good job at the school division
  • Get a home of our own
  • Graduate
  • Get a cat
  • Lose 10 pounds

That was my list. It didn’t have a lot but this five things were all I could thing about. I wanted, nay needed to stop living my life and I felt the only way to do so was to accomplish the first three on the list. Whenever I met with friends or family, I brought up graduating, getting a good job and getting a home of my own. I am sure after a while people were rollign their eyes in annoyance. But in my heart I believed I had accomplished these things. I believed they were in my life already.

In May my partner and I moved into our first apartment together. Two weeks later a friend said she had a bunch of kittens under her deck- did I want one? Within a month I went from no cats to two. Then in June I got a call from the Division I really wanted to work for. Hey there is a postion open, come in for an interview. I got the job. In Septemeber I formally graduated.

I didn’t lose the 10 pounds but I didn’t start eating better.

In January 2018 as I was cleaning up I found my day planner, as I opened it up a piece of paper fell out. picking it up I was pleaseanlty suprised to see it was the list I had made exaclty a year ago. My heart skipped a beat as I read the points.

Holy pancakes Batman, I had everything that I had wanted to achieve. I had manifested my destiny. After that day I was a total believer.

Since then I have tried to live my life with intention knowing that everything that happens to me has been brought about becasue of my thoughts and feelings. I know this may sound a little kooky but think about it. Worried about something bad happening at work- something bad happens and you are reminded why you really hate been an adult. But what happens if you think something good will happen today, I feel it and I am going to radiant happiness? Well you have a great day, you boss complements something you did, your least favourite co-worker was shockingly nice to you and you got paid. Score!

The Law is truly an interesting way of living. If you want to learn more the law I have included a list of books I have read that have helped me. (I am in no way affiliated with the authors. This is merely a list of books I have read and have helped me.

  1. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne – Probably the starting spot for all Law Of Attraction learning and enthusiasts. I do warn you though it does get a little repetative and may seem a little out them if you are sceptical or closed off from the idea.
  2. Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert – This book was amazing. The soul of this is thoughtful living and creating your perfect life through thoughts and feelings.
  3. You Are a Badass®: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero – This sassy book is perfect for anyone wanting to change and grow. Perfect if you are stuck in a runt, on your journey of chang or even feeling like you have accomplished everything you want in life.

Now of course there are a lot more books and I am in the process of reading them but this is a good start. I will add more to other posts as I go along.

So in sweet parting. Think about the life you want. Feel it with every atom of your being. You owe it to the universe to be the best you it made you to be!