Breanna’s Skincare Routine

Ever since I can remember, I have been obsessed with having a good skincare routine. I started to have a more ritual skincare routine when I moved to Calgary 7 years ago. Coming from Winnipeg climate to Calgary climate had a huge impact on my skin, which for some reason caused me stress because I never used to have any skin issues. The Calgary climate caused my face to get tiny bumps that weren’t really acne, but still it stressed me out more and I needed my skin back to normal.

Knowing that I had to find skincare products that would work for my skin, I kept in mind that I didn’t want to put any prescription products on my face, but more natural products that would be soothing and healthy.

Of course I went to see a dermatologist where they told me I could do a chemical skin peel or get a high dosage of prescription acne cream, which might help it but also could dry your skin out and make it sore … no thanks that sounds awful and not necessary for my skin problem.

After that appointment, I headed to Sephora to talk to a skincare specialist to see if there was anything that would help. She recommended a few products, so I gave them a try. Let me tell you, it made my skin clear and healthy! I swear by these products now and can’t live without them. It made my stress go away and gave me back my clear skin.

If you are struggling with skincare, I recommend giving some of these products that helped me a try.

Fresh – Soy Face Cleanser ( use to clean my skin)

Sephora – nourishing Moisturizer hydrate & repair (used for night moisturizer)

Sephora – water gel mask hydrate & refresh  (I leave this on and then put my moisturizer over top to really hydrate my skin)

Summer Friday’s – jet leg mask

St. Ives – Fresh Skin Scrub (used to exfoliate)

Olay – moisturizing lotion (used for daytime moisturizer)

I hope that all you ladies find a skincare routine that works for you and your skin, it’s a lot of trial and error but eventually you’ll find what your skin needs! I hope some of the skincare products I listed are helpful to your skin & skincare routine.

(We are not sponsored by any aforementioned products.)