Sustainable Fashion


Now that we have a little background information about Fast Fashion, we will dive in to ways that I personally have changed my shopping, so that I can help as much as possible in the decline of fast fashion and to help do my part in saving our planet. 

I have put together a list of steps that I go through mentally when shopping or looking for garments to add to my wardrobe:

  1. Support Ethical brands
  2. Know where my clothes are made 
  3. Buy vintage clothes or second hand
  4. Go for clothes that are high quality 
  5. Shop Less. Choose Better. Only buy pieces you love 100% or actually need 
  6. Value and take good care of the clothes you already have -last longer
  7. When getting rid of clothes bring then to consignment stores to be re-used

Shopping at consignment stores… I know this can be a little daunting and maybe even gross you out a bit but I assure you it is worth it because 1. You are re-using garments 2. Saving the planet little by little 3. You will find trendy and fashionable pieces to add to your wardrobe for great prices.

 At consignment stores you recycle and reuse garments from other woman, because we all know that one person trash is another person’s treasure, so TRUE. I believe strongly in consignment stores; whether I am shopping for pieces to add to my wardrobe or giving all my garments to them that I no longer have the need for so they can become another women’s treasure. This allows me to know I am doing some good for the planet while shopping for my wardrobe. 

I put together a little photo shoot of some of the garments I have bought at consignment stores to prove that you can find good quality & trendy pieces by reusing other peoples garments and shopping second-hand.  A few consignment stores that I love to shop at in the Calgary area are:

Rhoda’s Consignment – Okotoks

Peacock Consignment – Inglewoood

Trends- Chestermere

Katy’s Consignment – Strathmore

Next time you are shopping, be mindful of the items you’re purchasing. By doing so, you can help save our planet little by little with less textile waste. Recycle & Reuse garments properly to create a sustainable fashion world.  XOXO, Lovelies

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