Consignment Journey ft. Andy

For years I have vowed to myself that I would start living by my values one in which includes a more sustainable, environmentally friendly one. This year I began slowly. First by using less electricity, then by going plant based but I really want to get thrifty!

Consignment stores and thrift store shopping is something I have been wanting to do since the day I sat down with Youtube and watched Kristen Leo show off some beautiful finds. But the town we live in is limited in consignment store offers and I am not one who likes travelling an hour into the city.

But when Breanna invited us out to do some shopping in Okotoks, Alberta I jumped at the chance.

As a plus size gal finding clothes has always been a harrowing and downright awful experience. Either there is nothing in my size or there is and it looks terrible on me. When we set out on the consignment journey I was excited. I was also dreading it. Would my friends see me break down as piece after piece barely went over my thighs or would I find something I liked only to find that it was three sizes to small.

Walking around the boutiques definitely left me feeling like I had been punched in the gut. The no bigger than large size a constant reminder that I am too plump for these beautiful clothes. By the time we got to the consignment I was begging every entity on earth to please let me at least find one thing.

I was blown away. Rhonda’s Elegance again was more than I could hope for. They had all sizes. Even XL and boy did I find some steals.

So now I am had a taste of the consignment shopping experience. I have to say I am ready for more. I am ready to be the thrifty queen I know I am. So get ready world ‘cos Andy is coming to get ya!