Consignment Journey ft. Lisa

Alas, we had a chance to go on a long awaited trip to Okotoks, a town rich with boutique culture and a popular consignment store, called Rhoda’s Elegance Again. The variety was great, the organization of the store was easy to navigate and, as you’ve probably guessed by my positive reviews thus far, each of us were able to find some steals! 


My history with consignment stores is next to nonexistent. I’ve been in consignment stores before but could never really get past the idea of the clothes having been worn by somebody else, and still having to pay for them. Hand-me-downs were always free, and that’s the way things should be… or so I thought. 

I was expecting the shopping trip to be a major hit or miss, but not in the usual sense when shopping in retail stores. In retail stores, the ‘hits’ are styles that work for you, that compliment your body shape, and just suit your tastes! ‘Misses’ are ones that emphasize all the wrong places, draw the wrong kind of attention, and/or do not suit your style. Contrast this with my standards of ‘hit and miss’ at the consignment store. My standard of a ‘hit’ was ‘Oh I guess I could wear this for another month or two and say bye’. A ’miss’ was ‘near the end of its life’ a.k.a. ‘I could use this as a rag and no one would know’. To my surprise, however, everything that was on sale still had plenty of life left in them! 

Thrifting has been popular on Youtube for years now. Finding the best steals, finding vintage items, finding pieces to repurpose and upcycle. It was and still is a huge trend. So I was a little curious, and luckily our lil fashionista, Breanna, was an expert. 

The Experience

Today was the first day I was successful in my trip to a consignment store. I was able to find quality items that I could proudly wear and pass as having bought new, including items that still had their tags! Brands varied significantly. There were some I had never heard of, while others that were common and staples in many women’s wardrobes, such as Tatula, Wilfred, Zara, Free People, etc.. 

You could find classy dresses, casual tops, work bottoms, athleisure, any type of clothing you were looking for was probably there. 

To Buy or Not to Buy?

Some purchases were no brainers. This mustard faux leather jacket from Zara with a ruffled bottom still had its tag on and was selling for $24. And the best part, it was my size. No brainer. 

Other items you could tell had been out and about, but they still looked very wearable. If you looked closely enough at some items, you could see a little bit of pilling or discolouration, but for the most part, the items were in good to great condition! 

My Finds

I can be an ‘adventurous’ shopper. I sometimes deliberately try on funky clothes just for the heck of it. Most times, they just make me laugh, but sometimes on the rare occasion, I find a pleasant surprise! Today at the consignment store, because everything was so modestly priced, I went even crazier than usual with my ‘experimentation’. Some things were very obvious NOs (wrong fit, too transparent, looked like a bride from the dead), while others actually looked… good? To be honest, except for one (image not included), none of the items in my haul today are styles within my comfort zone. Ask Andy or Bre. My closet is primarily white, black, blue and/or striped. Look at what I got today. 

I felt comfortable spending money on these items, despite not being my typical go-to outfit pieces, because well, the price was right. If the style doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out. On the other hand, if something becomes a favourite, then I’ve added a valuable piece to my clothing collection! Either way, I’ll learn something about myself and my style, and for an inexpensive price, I can’t complain.