What its like to go Plant-Based

Almost two months ago I decided to go plant-based. I wrote about this decision in another post. It has probably been the best and toughest decision of my life. Right now it is probably one of the easiest times to go plant-based as veganism becomes more mainstream and more consumers are turning to plants. But making such a massive lifestyle change requires a lot of perseverance and moments of self-reflection.

So much of our society revolves around eating and in the centre of our eating habits is meat. BBQs, sandwhiches, burgers and hotdogs. The meat is the main and everything else is secondary. Going Plant-Based meant I had to change my entire way of thinking. I had to see vegetables, fruits and nuts as the mains. I had to relearn how to feed myself.

You see going plant-based isn’t just about swapping out your regular skim milk for almond milk. Nor is it about going to the tiny vegetarian section in your local supermarket. No, you have to consciously think of what you are eating. It includes reading ingredients to make sure no sneaky beef gelatin has snuck its way into your candy or that your doritoes have animal enzymes in it to enhance the flavours.

Other than that there is the changes to your body. While I have lost a lot of weight already I have noticed some other changes some positive, some negative.

The Positives:

  • Weight loss: Within days of eating healthier I noticed a decrease in my weight as well as a significant drop in inches. I have lost a lot of weight around my face and hips.
  • Energy BOOST: For years I have suffered form fatigue and low energy. Before I started down this road I consulted a few doctors about, all of whom seemed rather dismissive. No I feel like I have the energy to do things, to start all my new ventures and to be the person I want to be.
  • Healthier bowels: I won’t gross you out to much but since going plant based I have been a lot more regular!
  • Getting the right nutrients: Now this isn’t every vegan or vegetarian as it is up to the kinds of food they eat but since going plant based I have put a lot more thought into the nutrients in my meals and ensuring I get the right amount. I never cared about the right protein content or how much calcium I needed a day, now I do.
  • Living accrodong to my morals: I am an animal lover who thrives in nature. I feel like the pkant-based lifetsyle better alines with my beliefs.
  • Just generally feel amazing: Never in my life have I felt, well, this alive! I feel like I am thriving, like all the issues that have plagued me for years have either gone away (constant headaches) or dimmed considerably (breathing issues). I feel like I can finally do everything that I want to do and I have the energy and focus to do so.

The Cons:

  • Everyone becomes a nutritionist: I was warned that people would take sudden offense to the way that I eat! But I didn’t expect it so often. It is truly amazing how so many people have an opinion on the way I now eat. It also shows how great the dairy and meat industires have been in their propaganda. “You won’t get any protein if you don’t eat meat!” one lady said to me with a pointed look in Sobeys once as I placed a pack of beyond beef burgers in my cart. I awkwardly laughed and hurried away. What I wanted to say was. “Oh actual plants have a lot of protein in them. In fact tofu, tempha and edamane have incredibly high protein contents and contain all nine essentails amino acids. Gorillas and Elephants are vegetarian Barbara and look how big they are.”
  • Eating out: Oh man never have I had such a tough time finding places to eat but vegetarianism depsite growing in trend is sorely undercartered too. Of course here in Canada places like Tim Hortons and A&W have introduced their Beyond Meat options but that is one singular option. Go to any resturaunt and the vegatarian option is maybe five meals long, and all of them contain cheese (cue eyeroll). I just guess it means more in home cooking, which in the long run is cheaper and healthier.

So as I continue on my plant-based journey I want to bring you along. Adding recipes that I find yummy and reviewing certain meals or products. I am not here to change your mind or to force you to eat like me. I am merely writing for selfish purposes. I want to share the love, growth and engery I have gained since changing my own ways. And if that love and energy inspires you to go after your own goals then mission accomplished.