Finding Your Style

Finding your style. Finding something that’s “you”. To most of us, it’s a process and a challenge. Some people seem to have it naturally while others (if not all) need to experiment and go through the phases of trial and error. Some people know and accept everything about their bodies, both the ‘strengths’ and the ‘imperfections’, while others struggle to see any beauty at all. And that’s okay. It’s all okay. Finding your style is a process that takes time.

It requires knowing who you are. What you like. What makes you feel confident. What makes you feel ‘you’. And sometimes that path of revelation will force you to realize that what you like and what makes you feel you are different things. Or that you don’t feel confident wearing a piece you like.

The great thing about fashion is that the sky is the limit. Though some people still think they have the right to comment on what other people wear and how they should wear their clothes, society has progressed and is more accepting than ever of people’s own styles as a free form of self-expression. Find you and be you! Wear that neon jacket. Rock those polka-dotted chiffon socks. Strut in your patterned army boots.

And personal styles can most definitely be dynamic! Preferences from when we’re younger often transform into something else – sometimes bolder or sometimes more monotone. And each of our mini style “experiments” teach us something new about ourselves – whether they be good or bad! “Oh that phase of bright coloured shirts? Yeah, it didn’t work. Let’s try going for white, black or blue.” “Oh, high rise pants seem to conceal one of my main insecurities – my short legs. Let’s keep doing that.” Does that dialogue sound familiar? Like I said, it’s a process! We all have photos from a mere few years ago that make us pull our hair out and ask ourselves what we were thinking, but at the end of the day, laugh it off and embrace that you’ve learned since then!

Over the next couple of days, we’ll be sharing our own journeys finding our styles. Some of us have it figured out, while others are changing it up! Stay tuned for this month’s series: Finding MY Style.

Always rooting for you,


Featured photo from: Elle Canada