Finding my Style ft. Andy

The idea of personal style has never been something I would associate with myself. Style was something that belonged to beautiful, thin women. The clothes I wanted to me would never go with my body type. So I shied away from wearing anything other than jeans and a t-shirt.

As a kid I loved bright dresses. I loved dressing like a princess and it made me feel royal. But as I grew older I became more subdued. Growing up in South Africa meant most of what I wore was school uniform. A plaid skirt, a navy pull over and a button up shirt. As ugly as they were it took the thought of having to dress nicely.

However as I grew older and I grew larger I found myself struggling to find my style. I tended towards a more tomboyish look. Larger shirts to hide my stomach and larger breasts. Long pants to stop the thigh rub and to hide the fact that i didn’t like how big my legs are. And becasue I didn’t feel pretty I tended to not wear makeup or do my hair. It hurt my confidence and make me feel ugly. If I wanted to dress nicely I found it harder to do because of how expensive plus size clothing is and how little of an option you have when it comes to the syles.


The style that I have always wanted to exude is a whimsical rocker. Leather jackets and boots, with flowey blouses.


And it is a clothing sytle I have been trying to bring into my life in the past year. As I try to find my style I find it has brought out my self confidence that I never knew was there. Not only do I find myself being more comfortable in this style of clothing but I feel I draw people’s eyes to me but I walk taller. I feel more like me.

My staple for my style is my denim jacket. A piece I have had for many years and surprisingly still fits me even if it is falling apart. I recently invested in a beautiful wide brimmed fedora from Gigi Pip Hats to go with my nomadic spirit aesthetic. To complete the look I want to invest in a second hand leather jacket (maybe with some tassels). And I will top it all off with my sparkly boots that have a Doc Marten-esque look to them.

Confidence is key in finding your style and this time I feel like despite my size I have found something I can actually feel comfortable and beautiful in!