Finding MY Style Ft. Breanna

STYLE… this word can either sound daunting or delightful to you.

For myself personally, I have always had a love and passion for fashion but it started out as a daunting idea back in the day.

I can remember in my high school years that I knew how I wanted to style myself but didn’t really have a handle on how to style to my personality or have the resources to because of where I lived! So, I just stuck to wearing leggings and a sweater which was definitely not perceiving my personality or style at all but I didn’t put in the work to create my style back then. Even though I loved Fashion since I could remember I just had a hard time figuring out my style.

After my high school years I moved to Vancouver to attend Blanche Macdonald College, to take a Fashion Merchandising program (my dream). Which is where I really started to work on and experiment with my style. It definitely can be a daunting process but I choose to make it a delightful process in the way that Style should reflect your personality so why not make it enjoyable! 

I spent countless hours in fitting rooms and online trying/finding out different silhouettes, lengths and cuts of tops, styles of denim, accessories, etc. It took time finding what worked for my body type but also making sure it reflected my personality and is a piece that I loved the way it looked on myself. 

As for the present time, MY STYLE  has come along way & I feel confident when wearing my wardrobe knowing that it reflects my personality while suiting my body type. I’m sure you are curious to know what pieces I have found that work for my style?! 

Some pieces that work for me have been kimonos, v-necklines, skirts (denim and maxi), denim jeans, culottes, bomber jackets, colourful statement pieces such as pink, blue, green, tan and white work for my skin colour. Remember that everyone’s Style will be different and this is what I have found that works for me, but some of it might work for you as well. 

Here are some Style tips that may be a key piece to add to your wardrobe: 

Adding a jacket to your wardrobe will give extra detail to your outfit, so go ahead and throw on that oversized denim jacket and rock your style! Also shoes are an important factor as they can make or break your outfit. Especially after putting in all that hard work in your clothes, make sure to treat yourself to those blush pink shoes that will make your outfit stand out! Adding the simplest accessory like a scarf, jewelry, belt, hat or purse can really add that extra oomph to your outfit, thank me later ! 


Make the word STYLE be delightful and enjoy the process of finding your personal style, it may take time but in the end you will find what works for you, you just have to remember that you need to put some work and research into the process! I am looking forward to hearing your Style Journey!