Three woman. Three different stories all in one place. But who are we?

Cake is life

Andy Roberts: Born in South Africa in 1992, my life has been a whirlwind of constant change. It was fun. The mercurial change helped to build who I am today- the pet-obsessed day dreamer, who, one day, wants to own a little veggie farm and run around in a flowy sundress with a dirt-smudged face. In 2012, along with my family, I moved to Canada, ready to take on my adult life. But adapting to a whole new way of life in a new country was hard, especially at a time so crucial as the transition between high school and beyond. Choosing to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia Journalism, I learned a lot about myself along the way. Writing is a passion that consumes me entirely and it was part of the reason this blog has become such an important part of me. Through the writing process I want to bring the readers on a journey of discovery, one which we go through things like finance, job hunting, lifestyle, health and, above all, trying to be a better person – all done with a sprinkling of Andy Humour! As someone who has been ready to change and grow, this blog is a way to bring advice and inspiration to anyone else ready to tackle adulthood.

Just trying to figure out how to adult

Lisa Kim: Hi! I’m Lisa. I’m the eldest daughter to two Korean immigrants, a recent grad and a working mid-twenty somethinger. Despite being born and raised in the good ol’ centre stone of Canada, I left home to attend Queen’s University in Ontario, where I did my Bachelors and Masters in Science, and also where I met some of my closest friends. Then I made another big move… from a city of 123k people to one a tenth of its size in rural Alberta: Strathmore. And this is where I met these two lovely galpals. I’ve wanted to share my journey exploring adulthood and its associated ups and downs, but before this point, never felt comfortable being vulnerable in such a public space. I’ve always been a private person and I wanted it to stay that way. This very blog is a step outside of my comfort zone, but I’m more ready than ever to start. I hope to record the lessons I learn, the failures, and the successes. I want to talk about making friends as a working adult (it’s hard), how to manage my own money (banks, mutual funds, student debt???), how to balance taking care of myself vs. taking care of others, and overall, just the little things, both good and bad, that make me me.

The fashionista of the group

Breanna Polet: Wine + Coffee + Fashion Obsessed. That’s the best way to describe me. With my passion for fashion I studied at Blanche Macdonald College in Vancouver & Graduated from the Fashion Merchandising Program. It was a dream come true! And opened up so many doors of opportunities while giving me the knowledge to be success in my own Fashion career. I am the Creator and Owner of The Sunday Stylist, a company dedicated to revamping your wardrobe using what you already have. I’m here to help women feel confident in what they own & creating there outfits to suit their style…I’m all for Babes supporting Babes.  I am also a Regional Certified Coach which allows to me to coach the sport I love …Figure Skating. Being able to see my skaters grow and develop to achieve their goals is so rewarding. Being on the Ice is my happy Place. This blog being an outlet for women to go to to see real life progress and change. To show all babes that not everything will work out in your favor but if you wait, good things are bound to come to you (trust me it’s true). Also, to allow women to enjoy the beauty and fun in life and not to sweat the small stuff because honestly there is more good in your life than bad, so choose to be happy! And who doesn’t wanna see 3 women take on challenges and write reviews for all types of things… it will be a place for fun, love and growth on our blog. Live your best life Xoxo